Parish Religious Education Program

PREP is an opportunity for children that do not attend a Catholic elementary school to learn more about their faith and grow closer with God.

Once again, we are beginning our Parish Religious Education Program. On Sunday, September 12th, we will hold our first parent’s meeting at 9:00 AM in the church. This year, the theme for Catechetical Sunday from the Archdiocese is, “say but the Word and my soul shall be healed.” We look forward to welcoming our children and their parents for this very important opening session and Mass.

Classes will begin each Sunday with a general Religious Instruction for all levels at 8:30 AM. This is our special time to gather as a PREP family and begin with prayer together and receive in common a general instruction on the basics of our faith. This year our goal is to focus each instruction on ways for our young people to develop God’s healing encounter through prayer and grace. We all know how important that is along life’s journey back to God. We welcome all parents, guardians, and friends to join us at this time.